Local & Long Distance Moving Stories

Smooth Transitions of South Louisiana provided efficient and reasonably priced service for an out-of-state move! Although I didn’t use their packing/organizing service recommended by a friend, their careful, meticulous loading, hauling, and unloading was handled with care, was on time, and for the price they had quoted. Considering the negative stories regarding some the of the larger moving companies who so often take weeks to deliver after crossing several States and for a significantly higher costs, I chose a smaller and more personal service which specializes in moving and resettling older adults like me. Once my furniture, boxes, and items were loaded, they delivered it all within a few days and assembled and placed it where I requested. I highly recommend Smooth Transitions’ work and services!

– Stephen Hymel

Moved from Baton Rouge to Tucson

Today your staff handled a third move for me. The first was in March 2012 when it became necessary to move my Mother to an assisted living facility. The second was this past summer when her traditional bed had to be moved so it could be replaced with a hospital bed. Today, was the final move in this chapter, as my Mother passed away on Oct 5th, and her furnishings had to moved out of the assisted living facility.

I want your management to know that, without exception, each move exceeded my expectations. Everything was accomplished on schedule and without damage or loss. Each crew member was efficient, attentive to detail, and conducted themselves in a most courteous and respectful manner.

Needless to say, these moves became necessary at very stressful times for me because of my Mother’s declining health, and then to settle affairs after her death. Your staff’s performance was a welcome relief during those times. I extend my most sincere appreciation and gratitude.

– Kathleen D.

New Orleans, LA

Cheryl – I have been meaning to get back to you and let you know that EVERYTHING was beyond smooth on the move for my Mother. Every aspect from beginning to end was the absolute best I have ever experienced with a move. If you exclude the reason for the move, everything was a “piece of cake.” I intend to be a “walking/talking” advertisement for you! Thank you again for your kind and attentive staff. You all are real gems!

– Debbie S.

Baton Rouge, LA

Cheryl’s background and empathy prove to be the key factors in dealing with her clients and their family members. Her team is professional, always looking to provide the best solution and thorough. Thanks, Cheryl for Smooth Transitions, as a quality service to refer seniors to for a little kind, understanding help.

– Karen Vingiello, Yoga Gold Instructor, Baton Rouge General Hospital

Baton Rouge, LA

Smooth Transitions did a wonderful job of getting us through a stressful and horrible move. Not only did the City of Baton Rouge expropriate our business, Acadian House, but also our home. We had to move two locations.

The Smooth Transitions crew helped us through packing, sorting out, and decluttering 22 years of living and doing business. Everyone was very helpful, energetic and professional. They were quick and jumped right into whatever we needed.

Three days before the move out date, displays were dismantled and ready. That night a BMW plowed through the front window of the showroom and destroyed our progress. Computers and electricity were knocked out; we couldn’t function, so we shifted into move mode three days early. Smooth Transitions jumped in and made it happen. They stuck with us all the way through and were very supportive.

– Kathy Crifasi Simoneaux, CAPS


Matt and Michael are “outstanding” employees, you should be proud of them and how professionally they represented your company. My Mom loved them! Aunt Lou was a little teary eyed when they were unloading everything. It is going to take a long time for her to recover from the trauma. We fortunately were able to get a lot of the furniture placed in my house and on the back patio and garage (boxes and odds/ends). So slowly we will deal with everything. ALSO – THANK YOU for all the pictures – they will be really helpful with insurance paperwork that I have yet to do for her – so complicated and frustrating.

I am sending a note to my financial adviser with Ameriprise Financial Services along with your website to recommend they contact you or one of your associates if in another state for any of their Sr clients need moving assistance. I can’t say enough about how fabulous your services were and the crew of young men and women you had helping were “top notch”. They were wonderful, kind, polite and understanding of the situation. A few weeks ago one of the charity outfits came in to “gut and clean out” the house. Aunt Lou nearly had a fit (or maybe she did…) they just scooped stuff out and dumped it in a pile, sledge hammered down the walls etc. I had tried to keep her from going down there to see that, but she insisted she be there – psychologically it was not good. There was other things as I mentioned earlier that could have been recovered – what we would have done with it all is another issue, but she is very, very thankful for what your team was able to do and what she was able to recover. We continue to tell her, her life was saved and the rest is material and really could be replaced. I think she understands, but it is still hard to see 65+ years of items and your house destroyed.

– Liz